• I'm Carmen. This is my blog.

    I hope you'll like it.

    There isn't very much here that is important, but there isn't any better way to get to know me than to read what's here.

    I've changed a lot since I started this blog, back in 2007, and it kind of makes me giggle to read my old posts.

    I'm now a mother, a doting wife, and a proud owner of 2 precious dogs. I'm lucky enough to work with those 4 souls everyday, and I'm a pretty happy person.

    Hurricane Carmen is my Dad's nickname for me, and I'm assuming it is because I'm so scattered and forceful and completely controlled by my emotions. I don't think it is such a bad thing.

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15 Months

Dear Max, I love you tremendously, and you’re so cool. Now, I know I throw that word around a lot, and I started your last letter off that way, but it became much more true in these last 3 months. I’ve always known that you’re a whole person in a tiny body, but this last … Continue reading

Dear Maxwell, One Year!

Dear Max, I don’t mean to brag, but we’re doing a pretty good job with you. I can only assume this is true because you are really cool. It’s possible you’re just so cool that our parenting doesn’t matter too much, but your coolness is readily apparent to everyone you meet. Your personality has developed … Continue reading

Maurice Sendak, A Life Changer

Maurice Sendak changed my life. It was his book, Where the Wild Things Are, that stood by me, always true with the message that imagination is good and powerful. And also, your mom will always love you, and home is better than far away.  It is a message that has always been good for me … Continue reading

Away From My Desk

I’m far away from my desk. We are at our family cabin in the mountains, forevermore to be called “the cabin.” No computers and spotty phone service. Silence. Excepts for the birds, wind, and a friendly turkey. Just my pack and enough food for a couple of days. 2 cameras. And, a craft project I … Continue reading

I’ll Do What I Want

I’m belligerent and stubborn, and mostly unapologetic about it. That’s me, and try as I might, I can’t get away from it, so I stopped trying. What I discovered when I stopped trying to change myself was that I was pretty cool, and I’m much cooler when I can do the things I want to do. Childish, … Continue reading

Amendment One-To All my Christian Friends

Many of you have researched and know all about Amendent One, and you see the negatives. You’re not who this is for-I’ve heard lots of people voicing that this bill is about gay marriage. I’ve heard it said that good Christians should vote for this bill, because it will assure that marriage only stays between … Continue reading

Last of my TEDx Talks

So here is the thing, I was a  bitch. For all of you readers that know me, this should come as no surprise. It happens a little more than I would like. TEDx-that was really a cool event that our town should be proud of. Alan Jackson and the other volunteers worked really hard and … Continue reading

Out the Back Door

Our business (Eckard Photographic) is housed in the Granary with some really cool folks like Pfahlert Creative Labs and Full Metal Chicken. Across the tracks, however, is a sad sad site. It’s an old mill, with mostly broken windows, and a lot of homeless foot traffic. There has been a lot more activity there than … Continue reading

After My Temper Flares

I’m astounded at how many people read my last post. This is my silly little personal blog that I’ve kept for years. A post normally gets 30 views or so. This one had many more very quickly. That made me pretty nervous. People were sharing the post and others were googling my name.  So, because … Continue reading