Woah, I suck at this.

So, it’s been about 3 years since I’ve posted.

In the beginning, it was because I was depressed. In the later stages of my nonposting, the reason was a simple lack of time. I’ve been very busy, and very happy. Happier than I can recall being, actually. This is a welcome change from the depressed state I was in.

Things are really good in my life right now. Trivia is going well. I may start another trivia night at The Tavern, although that’s in the planning stages. I signed on to work with Magical DJs, which should be great. I love hosting parties and karaoke, but I hate going out and getting those jobs. Plus, my equipment isn’t really that good. Magical DJ equipment is incredible, so I think that’s good all around.

I’m subbing in a high school theatre class for 2 weeks. I’m halfway into the first week now, and I love it. It is amazing how much more people-like high schoolers are as opposed to the little ones. And the ones that take theatre…they tend to be my kind of people, so this has been really fun.

Let’s talk about my husband. I love that guy so much. I feel like I’m consistently falling more in love with him. He is a loving, creative, soulful man and I am so lucky to know him.

I feel very fortunate. I set out with this plan, to quit teaching, and boost up everything else, and I think people didn’t think it would work. But it is working people! We still have some progress to make, but I can actually see my life unfolding the way I want it to. We are going to make all of our money doing things we actually enjoy. Brilliant.

So, I mentioned the party at HMA. It ended up being the best party of that sort that I’ve ever seen. I’m not big on drinking, but part of my job was to make jello shots for the party. Then, I walked around and gave them out. I had 80 year old jello shot virgins that fell in love with the suckers. It was great. Allison, Jon and Matt all were there. Allison and our friend Grant screen printed shirts the entire time, with no break at all. Jon ran an awesome photo booth. He set up all sorts of lights and backdrops, and we got some props. You can see those pictures at http://www.joneckard.com/ or http://pictures.hickorymuseumofart.com/ .

Check out the straight hair, yo.

I’m going to make a sincere attempt to post regularly again. Do I have any readers left?


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