Life is good, folks. It really is.

I have a pretty significant baby bump now, and I’m really excited about it. We’ve even picked out some names, but I’m not telling yet. On January 24th, I’ll tell you if it is a boy or a girl!

I’m in the midst of a huge project at work that I’ve fallen in love with. Again, I can’t’ tell you yet, but I’ll be posting on February 18th, and I’ll tell you all about it. You’ll be impressed. It is my favorite project Jon and I have worked on together (except for Baby Eckard). I’ve been writing A LOT, and I just remembered how much I like it. I’ve also heavily researched Hickory and Catawba County, and I’ve decided it really is a good place to live.

Allison (BFF) is getting married in a couple of weeks. Congratulations to her! She’s going to love it, but then she’s moving away. I think she’s doing it just so I won’t ask her to babysit. (Just kidding, Allison.) I’ll miss her a lot.

I don’t feel like crap 100% of the time anymore. That’s  cool. It’s only 10% or so now. I am not falling asleep on the couch at 6:30 either…I actually stayed up until 11 3 nights in a row.

To any of my friends that feel  neglected: I’m sorry. I’ve just been working and going home. It’s not a good way to be, but  I needed my energy. I’m up for an occasional outing these days, so if you miss me, give me a buzz.




One Response to “Wowsers”
  1. Allison says:

    awe 🙂 you rule. And I’d babysit any time. I love babies

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