Our Job is Fun

Being self-employed certainly has its challenges. However, it sure can be fun. I really hate doing the same thing every day, and I’ll get totally bored of it pretty quickly. Yesterday was pretty different. Tigra, a local company, called and asked us if we do aerial photography. Well, we never have, but I asked what they needed. They needed a shot of their building from a couple of stories up…so we brainstormed a bit, and got a little help from Houston Harris, and ended up calling Sign Systems, located in Hickory. They agreed to drive out to the location, and hoist Jon up into the air for pictures, all an an extremely reasonable cost. Awesome! The job ended up growing into an all day shoot, but it was good times. Everyone was really nice, which is always a plus,  and I got to see Jon waaaay up over my head. The star photography of the day, of course, was all by Jon. You can see those here. The ones from up above are at the end. But, I think my photograph catches the fun of the day the best.


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