A Cherub

This little creature makes every day of mine better. I had kind of a rough today, but she really helped. She’s totally tuned into me, and always knows the way to make me not quite as sad. She has this really precious way of pawing at me that just demands that I give her every bit of my attention. So, I do, and then anything bad tends to fall away.

Last night, we were laying in bed, and she was all snuggled up to me. Max gave a really fierce kick, and Bertha felt it. She turned around, and looked at me with the most quizzical look I’ve ever seen from her. Like “Mom-are you aware that you have an alien in you?” Then she licked my belly and snuggled back in.

Recently, she’s been loving Jon as much as she loves me, and I occasionally get a little jealous. She does, however, still follow me everywhere. I have to go to the bathroom about 20 times a day at work…she never follows me in there when I first go. But without fail, just as I get settled in, I hear a little scratch at the door. And if I take too long, I hear one little bark. And as soon as I open the door, she rolls over on her back, wagging her tail, tongue hanging out, with a big smile on her face.

I love that critter.

One Response to “A Cherub”
  1. Allison says:

    🙂 Such a sweet girl.. I’m jealous of your dog!

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