On Birthdays

I turned thirty today. That’s cool, though. I always thought that thirty would be great if I liked my job, had a good husband, and had a kid. So, I’m looking at this birthday as a milestone reached, instead of some terrible symbol of getting old. Life is good, and being old just means that you’ve lived more of it, so it doesn’t make sense to be cranky about it.

The last decade was pretty transformative. I’m a completely different person coming out than I was going in. I like the current version better. I am a strong, confident woman. I know who I am, what I like, what I stand for, and I’m proud. Going into my twenties, not much of that previous statement was true.

Going in I was not as smart. I was trying hard to be a person that people would like. I was in college, freshly away from childhood. I was silly, and not very grounded. I was also Republican. Let that one sink in. I was, however, still me, just not so refined.

Now though, after life has tried to push me around a lot, and I’m better-more me. Instead of letting the flow and pull of the last 10 years move me, I think I stayed firm. So, it was kind of like it all just polished me smooth.

And now, by golly, I have everything I’ve been looking for all this time. My daily life is smooth and pleasant. I’m surrounded by loving people that I dig. Even the animals in my life are groovy. (I didn’t mention that we got a new dog. I’ll write about him soon.)

I’m using this birthday to remind me to face forward, and to go with the flow. I have a lot to accomplish in my thirties, and I will go forth. My friend Denise called these years the “Thunderous Thirties”. I like that a lot.

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