Dear Maxwell

Dear Max,

Today you are three months old. That means that for three months, my life has been fundamentally changed. The last three months seem like my whole life. My world has opened in ways I didn’t really expect. You are what I was preparing for my whole life. I love you even more than I expected, and I expected to love you lots.

You are enormous. Sometimes when I get you out of your crib I think you’ve grown several inches. Last week you outgrew your

0-3 month and were we wearing 6-9 month clothes 2 days later. It took you 11 weeks to double your weight, mainly because eating is your favorite thing. Today you weigh 17 ponds and 3 ounces. You are a champion eater. It is really quite impressive.

You sleep through the night every night without fail. I think this means I am being rewarded for some excellent behavior at some point in my life. Each night we take a bath once it gets dark, then I feed you in our rocking chair, then you sleep 8 hours straight. Then, because you are so very awesome, you eat a tiny snack and sleep until 8. I think bathtime is your favorite. You kick and splash and giggle until you are drowsy.

You love They Might Be Giants. You listen to their music every night, and Sleepybones and Lazyhead is your favorite song. You watch their videos for kids and laugh, kicking your arms and legs around. You also enjoy Dr. Dog and Band of Horses. You have excellent taste, little man.

You are so strong, and I think it infuriates you that you can’t run yet. You have my patience…not the best in the world.

You save your biggest smiles for Daddy and it melts my heart.

We got you a dog-Ritchie. The two of you are best buds. He licks your toes and you think it is the funniest thing ever. I can’t wait to hear about all the adventures you guys have.

In fact, I am generally pretty stoked about the person you will be. I love you very, very much, and I am so happy to be your mom.

I’ve taken pictures of you too. They aren’t nearly as good as your dads, but they’re here.



One Response to “Dear Maxwell”
  1. grandma says:

    Carmen, that’s precious. Be sure to print it and keep it.

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