Out the Back Door

Our business (Eckard Photographic) is housed in the Granary with some really cool folks like Pfahlert Creative Labs and Full Metal Chicken. Across the tracks, however, is a sad sad site. It’s an old mill, with mostly broken windows, and a lot of homeless foot traffic. There has been a lot more activity there than normal, and this news finally broke: http://www.startsomethinghere.com/live/hickory-news/skull-coast-brewery-to-call-an-old-hickory-mill-home/

Yipee Skipee.

After months of being cloaked in secrecy, The Skull Coast Brewing Company, Inc. (“Skull Coast”), is pleased to announce that it will be setting up its brewing operations in the former “Hollar Hosiery Mill” in Hickory, North Carolina.

As part of a multi-million dollar historic preservation and redevelopment project, Skull Coast will be occupying the ground floor of the eastern “hanger” structure of the site. Access to the project’s only loading dock makes it ideal for Skull Coast’s operations.

 Skull Coast Brewery to Call an Old Hickory Mill HomeCurrent Hollar Hosiery Mill — Photo Credit Kevin Riley

In addition to the 30-bbl brewing system, currently being constructed by Bavarian Brewing Technologies, Skull Coast will be installing a Cask automated canning system to produce craft beer cans for off-premise accounts, and a roughly 1500 square foot taproom.

“We are unbelievably excited to have the opportunity to begin brewing again soon in our our own space, and hope to add in our own small way to the growing reputation and rich tradition of outstanding North Carolina breweries,” says Dave Fox, Skull Coast’s “Chief Drinking Officer.”

The developers of the Hollar Hosiery Mill project anticipate breaking ground in the next several weeks, and estimate that the Skull Coast Brewery portion of the overall project will be set to open in the Summer of 2012.


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