Amendment One-To All my Christian Friends

Many of you have researched and know all about Amendent One, and you see the negatives. You’re not who this is for-I’ve heard lots of people voicing that this bill is about gay marriage. I’ve heard it said that good Christians should vote for this bill, because it will assure that marriage only stays between a man and a woman.

The fight about gay marriage isn’t one I’m willing to fight. There is no need. We all have our solid, pretty unmoveable opinions on that, and I’m not here to try to move yours. (For the record, though, here is my opinion: I don’t care at all who people sleep with, or who they marry for that matter. If I don’t like it, I just won’t buy a gift. That goes for gay and straight couples.)

Gay marriage is illegal in this state. Regardless of what happens with Amendment One, it will stay illegal. You won’t see gay couples racing to the altar. Amendment one will do nothing but harm people. And honestly, not the people that folks are intending to hurt. It will hurt every couple that isn’t married. It will hurt the children of these couples. Many people don’t get married. That doesn’t mean that they deserve what this bill could be sending their way.

Hundreds of faith leaders have signed on to a statement that reads, “As clergy and leaders in our faith traditions, we are mandated by God to demonstrate and protect love in all its forms and to stand for justice for all of creation. In faithful response to this calling, we commit ourselves, along with thousands of other Christians, Jews, Muslims and other people of faith around North Carolina, to voice our opposition to Amendment One, to witness to the harms it would cause ALL of God’s children in North Carolina and to use the gifts God has given us to defeat this amendment.”

Watch some videos. I picked some good ones.
Please don’t help hurt people because your religious beliefs tell you gay people shouldn’t be married. Please. That’s what your vote will do.

One Response to “Amendment One-To All my Christian Friends”
  1. Thad Eckard says:

    I voted yesterday against this idiotic amendment.

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