Maurice Sendak, A Life Changer

Maurice Sendak changed my life. It was his book, Where the Wild Things Are, that stood by me, always true with the message that imagination is good and powerful. And also, your mom will always love you, and home is better than far away.  It is a message that has always been good for me to hear.

I’ve done so many projects with kids over the years using that book. I wanted every kid I ever met to know that story.

I’ve done so many puppet shows, 2 plays, and a photostory. That’s the easiest to share, so watch it here:

He died today, and I’m sad. But I am so happy that he wrote the books he did.
One Response to “Maurice Sendak, A Life Changer”
  1. grandma says:

    How cleaver and the kids were loving it.

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