Jon-my husband of almost 4 years. He runs Jon Eckard Photography, and he is the single best thing that ever happened to me. He is passionate. He is funny. He is an artist. He always reminds me how to be the best Carmen, and he is now officially Bertha’s favorite Human. He is also about to become  a Daddy, and I’m so glad I get to watch that. You can see his site here.

Max-he’s our boy and he is perfect.

Bertha-I hesitate to simply call her our dog. You’d have to meet her, but she’s a wise soul, who has become very very good at communicating with us. She gets to come to work with us everyday, and is completely and utterly spoiled.  Since she is such a good girl, we don’t have a problem with that. She has been my little cherub for my entire adult life. You can see her blog here.

Allison-my best friend. We met when we were 14, when I dated her brother. Throughout high school, we were friends, but we had no idea had no idea we were about to become BFFs. In college we shared  a dorm room, then our first apartment, then we were next door neighbors. Then, we spent a sad but short period of time not living in shouting distance, but were room mates again briefly in our mid twenties. For the last 4 years, we’ve been next door neighbors again. It’s  a perfect situation. Allison got married a few months back. She’s very happy about that. She also got a job in Winston and has to drive there every day. She’s very sad about that. It’s only a matter of time before she moves there, and we have an infant and are all tired and cranky. But I love her, and I’m really glad that she’s been my friend all of this time. She has a blog.

Matt-a dear, dear friend of Jon and I. He’s kind of a private kind of fellow, so I don’t mention him very often. But, he is a steady friend, and we are lucky to know him.

I’ll add people as I mention them.


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